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Challenge your choice of rivals to a two-deck game of blackjack and watch the clothes come off as you win.

RacyRivals Free Strip Blackjack Game

Interactive Video Strip Games that are Elegant Sexy and Fun You are at the blackjack table sitting across from gorgeous dealer prompting you to play. You make your bet and the cards are dealt. Depending on your hand and what you can see of her hand, you must decide to either hit or stay. If you were dealt a pair and you have enough in the bank, you may choose to split. Double down may also be an option if you were dealt a hand totaling 9, 10 or 11. If your hand beats her hand without busting (exceeding 21) you bank the pot. At each 100 point threshold, you will advance to the next level and your dealer will shed one layer of clothing. You don't want to drop below a threshold because what comes off will certainly go back on. Aside from being fun & entertaining, this game provides real training and will improve your chances of winning in a real casino environment.

RacyRivals Strip Blackjack's
Latest Rivals
Miss Peyton

She's fun, classy and curvy.


Miss Shayleen 

Tall, casual, with fantastic legs.


Miss Fiona

Not just another day at the office.


Organic Cicely

Enjoy her all-natural goodness.


Casino Lillie

She's waiting on the casino floor.


Miss Courtney

Cute, calm and professional.


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