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Choose your next RacyRivals Strip Blackjack rival by selecting one of the girls images below. Each image links to that rival's store page where she can be purchased for download and installed into your game.

Barn Emma - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Barn Emma

Emma has snuck out of the house for some fun in the barn.
She clearly knows her way around animals and crafty card
players. Get your pitchfork and have some fun pokin' around
Emma's barn.

Bedroom Amber - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Bedroom Amber

Amber is all ready for bed, but she's clearly overdressed
for a good night's sleep.This game will keep you wide awake
as you work your way through her pretty pink layers. This girl comes pre-installed with the full game (with free girl).

Bride Anishka - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Bride Anishka

Check into the honeymoon suite with Anishka for an exciting evening of strip blackjack. She may have other ideas about how to spend her wedding night, but if it's cards that make you happy, she'll faithfully comply with her husband's wishes.

Burger Cherise - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Burger Cherise

Come on in to Juicy Burger and meet Cherise. This friendly assistant manager will make sure you don't leave hungry. Enjoy a fast game with some fast food - it's always fresh and made to order. You'll want to come back for more.

Ashley Blaze - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Ashley Blaze

If you need emergency services, don't call Ashley - she's too busy playing cards and she's hot enough all by herself. Meet her down at the station and if you're lucky - she'll show you her equipment.

Barn Sissy - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Barn Sissy

Sissy is probably the best looking ranch owner in Nebraska. Today she's taking you out to the barn for some innocent country shenanigans. It's musty, dusty, full of fun and visual entertainment.

Beach Ellie - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Beach Ellie

Like a delicate sand dollar that may break in your hand,
Ellie is soft and sweet with every deal. She'll disarm you
With her aqua blue eyes, flowing brown hair and sexy curves.
You're welcome to play Ellie up a few levels in the free demo,
but you will certainly want to experience the full package

Beach Jordan - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Beach Jordan

Jordan's having a fun time in Tahiti and you're welcome to
join her for a colorful game of cards. The setting sun pales
only to Jordan's brilliant, shining personality. This is a
vacation you can take home.

Beach Nikko - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Beach Nikko

Nikko joins you on a white-sand beach. Past the t-shirt and shorts, she wears a gorgeous, teal, metallic, two-piece bikini. With your help, she'll make it into a one piece, and eventually a no-piece bikini. You'll enjoy her spunky humor as she lays down the cards.

Bedroom Sandra - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Bedroom Sandra

Sandra just wants to get naked and go to bed - but you can stall her with an entertaining card game. It's a little like a visual lullaby to start, but you'll want to be wide awake for the final show.

Bunker Betty - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Bunker Betty

She's hiding out in a secret underground base, but as the war simmers, she has time for a game of cards. Enjoy a flirty battle with this subtly-retro redhead.

Burger Kelsey - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Burger Kelsey

Kelsey is working the register at Burger Mac - a stylish restaurant known for its fresh burgers and pasta. Allow her to serve you a delicious game of cards and enjoy checking out her fresh ingredients.

Cabin Maggie - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Cabin Maggie

Maggie lives deep in the forest in a modern country home. She's waiting for you in the kitchen where she'll treat you to a good old-fashioned game of cards. Her casual demeanor, and natural red hair will definitely make your time together memorable.

Cabin Pearl - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Cabin Pearl

Pearl doesn't get out much - she prefers to haul her
foes back to the cabin to show them some classic
southern hospitality.She may rub some the wrong way, but
she always makes up in the end.

Camping Heather - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Camping Heather

Enjoy a secluded wilderness retreat with a beautiful blonde hiking enthusiast. Set up camp, play some cards and always be bear aware.

Casino Jenny - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Casino Jenny

Set in a luxurious Las Vegas casino, Jenny entices the player to give up their chips. Her rich red dealeroutfit is the price she pays when the game heats up.

Casino Kristine - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Casino Kristine

Not everyone earns a pass to this exclusive location.
Kristine awaits you in this posh private casino. Everything
glistens like gold and gameplay is as smooth as silk.

Casino Sarah - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Casino Sarah

Set in a fabulously swanky casino environment, She serves up your cards with style and witty charm. This classic rival has been updated - if you have purchased this rival prior to February 2021 - you should download and re-install to enjoy Sarah in a whole new light with a slightly-extended finale.

Castle Candace - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Castle Candace

Lower the drawbridge, the princess has arrived. Experience a journey back to a time when knights on horseback fought dragons, while beautiful princesses mingled with the peasant class and lost their robes playing card games. Immerse yourself in this magestic historical era with Castle Candace.

Chief Snowbird - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Chief Snowbird

Her people are busy building teepees, and making arrowheads, so Chief Snowbird has time to entertain visitors with a sexy game of blackjack. Enjoy her somber wit and charming smile as you undress this all-natural Native American.

Classic Sophia - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Classic Sophia

Join Sophia in a cozy but elegant lounge for a few drinks and a fun card game. She's sexy, cheerful, and full of fun surprises.

Diner Katie - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Diner Katie

Come on into the Double-D diner, have a seat and your waitress will be with you shortly. This greasy roadside diner offers a choice menu, but you'll want to order the breakfast special. Everything's fresh and made to order and Katie will keep your coffee cup full.

Doctor Becky - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Doctor Becky

The doctor will see you now. Just relax and let her do her job. You will enjoy the special perscription that Dr. Becky reserves for her favorite patients. You'll be back in good health after just a few games.

Forest Erika - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Forest Ericka

She's ventured outside the cabin for a stroll in the woods, but she doesn't get far. She needs a wilderness buddy, someone to keep her company and play cards until she manages to get back to the safe indoors where she belongs.

Hiker Clarissa - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Hiker Clarissa

Clarissa is out on a little hike. Although she seems busy braving the bugs and bears, she really wants to challenge other outdoorsy players to a good game.

Intern Melody - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Intern Melody

We heard about the job opening at your firm, and suggest that you consider Melody for the job. She's an enthusiastic go-getter with an impressive list of accomplishments. She's ready for her interview so invite her into your office and check out her resume.

Lana Banana - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Lana Banana

Revisiting the classic style of Carmen Miranda, Lana brings color and flair to your blackjack game. Work your way through the levels and enjoy a wacky dance performance that will dazzle and amaze.

Lawyer Linda - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Lawyer Linda

Since you couldn't afford a real attorney, the court has appointed Linda to defend you in this heated court trial. Although she'll try to help you get off easy, you might try to play your cards and plead guilty to a lesser charge.

Mall Hallie - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Mall Hallie

She's enjoying a lazy afternoon at the shopping mall, but this elegant and soft-spoken consumer is glad to set down her purse and entertain you with sensual game of strip blackjack.

Misfit Mandy - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Misfit Mandy

Mandy worked professionally in a correctional facility until she became a patient there, but now she's busted out and she's stirring up trouble. She's fun to play with, but watch out - sometimes she gets a bit wacky and possibly dangerous.

Miss Adele - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Miss Adele

Her beautiful long red hair is complimented by her flawless fair complexion. Her radiant cheerful smile also helps bring light and elegance to the game. Adele feels natural and fresh in her casual hoody and jean shorts - she'll certainly standout in your collection.

Miss Bethany - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Miss Bethany

Sorry class, Miss Tiffany called in sick this morning, so Miss Bethany will be substituting for her today. Fortunately, Beth is just as willing as Tiffany when it comes time to play "show and tell."

Miss Grace - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Miss Grace

Grace is elegant and refined, but she's not too good for a dirty game of strip blackjack. Her serious attitude may take you off guard but if you play hard, she'll be at your mercy.

Miss Janice - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Miss Janice

How much fun can you have at the local launderette? Meet Miss Janice who just stopped by to wash a few loads. She'll be happy to share an entertaining game with you while your clothes are spinning.

Miss Jessica - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Miss Jessica

She's elegant, natural, and fun to play games with. Get to know Jessica over a game of cards. This add-on will install Jessica to your RacyRivals Strip Blackjack library.

Miss Sheena - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Miss Sheena

You're the boss. Sheena is applying for
whatever position you may have available. You'll find her in the local department store in the men's section where you are the manager. Check out her qualifications, and she'll show you her best assets. Does she get the job or not?
You decide.

Miss Stacey - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Miss Stacey

Her skills may seem amateur, but give her a chance and see where the game takes you.

Miss Theresa - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Miss Theresa

Pretty in pink, Theresa was out shopping for a new purse when she discovered that an attractive game of strip blackjack was just what she was looking for. Take her on and enjoy the show.

Miss Tiffany - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Miss Tiffany

Head back to school for an education that you may have missed. Miss Tiffany helps her students learn math by playing a sexy card game. The parent's have been complaining, but she always has the student's full attention.

Nile Naomi - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Nile Naomi

Empress Naomi has a break in her busy schedule. Instead of ruling the Egyptian empire, she's sent for you - her favorite slave. It's your duty to skillfully disrobe the red-haired ruler without provoking her temper.

Nurse Melissa - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Nurse Melissa

Sorry to hear about your latest mishap and hope you get well soon. Please allow Nurse Melissa to care for you while you get healed up. Unlike Nurse Nancy, this rival has actually completed nursing school, so you can be sure that your are in good hands.

Nurse Nancy RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Nurse Nancy

If you're feeling under the weather, take some time off and let Nurse Nancy take good care of you. Her professional and courteous attitude will have you back in good health after just a few games.

Office Angie - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Office Angie

Angie is hardly ever invited to meetings in the executive boardroom, but you can find her passing time making copies and filing papers on ground level. She's the third addition to the office girl collection and excels at mixing business with pleasure.

Office Elaine - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Office Elaine

Harvard Business School graduate Elaine Phillips has worked her way to the top of the corporate ladder. She's looking for an ambitious intern to whom she can show the ropes. A skillful challenge awaits because she's as smart as she looks.

Office Laura - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Office Laura

Make your way to the basement of the office building for a secret rendezvous with Laura the administrative assistant. This vacant space is the perfect place to hide out and play a game of strip blackjack.

Office Natalia - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Office Natalia

Natalia, the office receptionist, has arrived early to prepare coffee and bagels, but there's just enough time for a quick game of strip blackjack. Hurry and take her up on the offer before the rest of the office people arrive for work.

Officer Connie - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Officer Connie

Prepare yourself for the sexiest, funniest, most entertaining traffic stop your ever likely to experience. Officer Connie knows your up to no good, but she's willing to play cards in the name of "justice." Add this bad cop to your collection and prepare for a deep penetrating frisk..

Business Shelby - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Business Shelby

Another day in the office with so much work to do - it's hard to find time for a game. Your secretary Shelby is there to help out, and she might enjoy a little break from playing Solitaire.

Office Shiela - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Office Shiela

The talk around the water cooler suggests that Shiela is looking for a new assistant to handle her corporate negotiations. She'll size you up in the boardroom, and see if you have what it takes to master the art of the deal.

Outdoor Kim - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Outdoor Kim

It's a beautiful fall day and Kim is out getting some air in the park. Hit her up for a game of strip blackjack and let her experience autumn's chill au naturel.

Outdoor Sasha - RacyRival Strip Blackjack Rival

Outdoor Sasha

She's outside catching some rays on a sunny beautiful day. Of course she'll protect her sensitive skin with ample amounts of sunscreen lotion. Do you remember how Sorority Chase put her clothes back on with a bouncy jump? Sasha does that also - a little hop provides a unique re-dress action. Numerous close-up scenes throughout the game makes this a very interesting rival to play.

Sandwich Olivia - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Sandwich Olivia

Olivia will fix you a tempting submarine sandwich with all the extras. This is a super-cheesy and fun theme loaded with surprises and extra meat.

School Abbie - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

School Abbie

Prepare to go back to school and this time you're the teacher. Abbie wants to improve her math skills so a game of blackjack will certainly be fun and educational.

Sorority Chase - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Sorority Chase

Chase from Pi Beta Phi, is certainly more at ease than Sorority Sue. Her spirit isn't dampened as she loses hand after hand. Chase doesn't despair, she just goes with the flow with a bounce and a cheer.

Sorority Sue - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Sorority Sue

Sue from Sigma Delta arrives for an informal initiation ceremony. She’s totally not into this, but has given into peer pressure and reluctantly agrees to participate in a revealing card game. Go easy on her; she’s very shy.

Sweater Emily - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Sweater Emily

She might be a sultry librarian or an adorable college student, whichever it is Emily is looking cute and touchable in her soft sweater and sleek skirt. Things don't play out in the order you might expect, so let the cards fly and prepare for a pleasant surprise.

Sweater Jamie - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Sweater Jamie

She looks very elegant and a little retro in her pink sweater and tight leopard-print skirt. Jamie is ready to play whenever you are. Give her a go - she's funny, friendly and her witty comments keep the game moving a long.

Sweater Margie - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Sweater Margie

Get your hands on Margie's soft, fuzzy, fun-packed sweater party with this second addition to the sweater girls theme. If you like cute, shapely pin-up girls, you'll enjoy Margie - she's a lot of fun and immensely talented when it comes to filling out a form-fitting knit pullover. As with all the sweater-girl add-ons the skirt and undies are the first to go.

Sweater Sabrina - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Sweater Sabrina

A fluffy pink sweater, soft blue eyes, and an innocence that can't be ignored, Sabrina has it all and more. Join her in her home kitchen and turn up the heat with a game of strip blackjack.

Tactical Tara - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Tactical Tara

Crime is out of control and there is evil in the streets. Thankfully, Tara has the situation under complete control. Join her in an abandoned warehouse and help her up her game while she picks off the bad guys and restores the peace.

Hotdog Hannah - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Hotdog Hannah

Step into Corny's Weiners on a Stick where Hannah is just finishing up the late shift. Fresh buns and shakes are ready to serve - just step up the counter and enjoy a hearty helping.

Xmas Vika - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Xmas Vika

Santa's sexy assistant is here for the holidays to bring cheer and magic to those cold winter nights. Get out the hot-buttered rum and celebrate the season with Xmas Vika.

Classic Claire - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Classic Claire

Meet up with Claire on a cool evening under the stars, pop open the champagne and settle in for an elegant game of blackjack.

Hippy Haley - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Hippy Haley

This 60's throwback embraces a colorful culture and the spirit of freedom. Heavy into the style and soul, and light on the dirt, drugs and politics, Haley is a pristine counter-culture cutie. Hook up with Haley and enjoy a trip back in time.

Bedroom Jill - RacyRivals Strip Blackjack Rival

Bedroom Jill

She's all dressed up for a good night's sleep in the middle of the afternoon. Outfitted in casual blues and grays, Jill would really love to shed the tight-fitting lingerie and relax over a game of cards.

RacyRivals Store Page - All Girls

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RacyRivals Store Page - All Girls

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RacyRivals Store Page - All Girls

Not Available Yet

New Rival Coming Soon - Please Stay Tuned

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